Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Man Killed In Accident At Imperial Sand Dunes

Source: http://www.kswt.com/Global/story.asp?S=11388389

Reported By: Rob Hughes

Imperial County, CA October 26- A man is killed at the sand dunes in a violent accident. Police say it's a tragedy that everyone can learn from.

Police say a 34 year old Tijuana man's life was tragically cut short Friday afternoon after his ATV plummeted 45 feet down a "cut slope" in Imperial County's "Dune Buggy Flats."

"It wasn't a razorback, it's just a cut slope, but because of the wind shift, it deletes one side of the dune, and it's unexpected, and when you fall it would be pretty steep and causes great damage to the body," said Officer Jose Sanchez with the California Highway Patrol in Winterhaven.

Sanchez is seeing lots of people hit the dunes this season, while riding their ATV's very fast in unforgiving terrain.

"The terrain is very dangerous out there, the terrain often changes due to increasing winds off and on; you can't expect a flat surface if you're going up a steep slope," said Sanchez.

Sanchez says no matter your experience level, a few time-tested safety methods could keep you out of the hospital, and save your life.

"Everybody should be aware to drive slow, get familiar with the area first, and then gain some experience before you take off and start riding," said Sanchez.

However, even if you follow safety precautions to the "T," Sanchez explains that there are no guarantees in the dunes, and encourages you to always be careful.

"My advice is to take as much information as possible, take classes on how to wear the proper equipment out there, even though you wear the proper equipment, it could get dangerous; you could break legs and limbs," said Sanchez.

Police say the accident is under investigation.